Jigyasa Makkar


Chomps through code and bugs like a woman possessed. Plays devil’s advocate on feature-lists, UX flows and design decisions. Often writes substantial amounts of code in her sleep and gets annoyed on waking up to find she didn’t check-in!

Ruby on RailsDevOpsAlgorithm DesignSoftware Architect

Agile Development enthusiast, TDD/BDD evangelist. 6 years building web and mobile apps for startups and Enterprises. RoR, jQuery, AngularJS, MongoDB, Coffescript, yada yada.
Ex-Slideshare, Ex-ThoughtWorks, Ex-InfoSys

Saurabh Mathur


Lead-footed car crazy person. UI/X Designer-developer (ex-Flash games developer) and ideas person at Motorpaneer. Makes arbit entrepreneurship analogies out of Muhammad Ali quotes. Youtube addict. Nurses an unhealthy Quora obsession. In charge of in-house morale at Motorpaneer. Two previous failed-startups. High school drop-out.

UI/X DesignProduct StrategySocial MediaSoftware Architect

14 years in Digital Advertising and IT. Ex-Slideshare, Ex-NIIT, Ex-Webchutney.
Previously co-founded Noobjob Interactive, HashInclude Games.

Advisors @ Motorpaneer

Sameer Guglani

Co-Founder, Morpheus Accelerator

Happiness evangelist, Yoda to a gang of 160+ entrepreneurs. Co-founder of one of the earliest seed-stage accelerators in India, Sameer is a top class entrepreneur, ardent Coke Studio fan and responsible for our growth as entrepreneurs and putting our basics in place. Sameer co-founded MadHouse Media in 2004, which was aquired by SeventyMm in 2007.

Nandini Hirianniah

Co-founder, Morpheus Accelerator

Hustling partner at Morpheus, Nandini is the straight shooting mentor with a passion for beautifully designed products . She co-founded MadHouse Media in 2004 with Sameer, which was aquired by SeventyMm in 2007. Doting mother to a beatiful daughter, poet, theatre enthusiast and an extremely gracious host.

Abhimanyu Singh Rana

Certified Car Nut, Restrauter, Angel Investor

Successful entrepreneur, restaurateur and one of the wittiest guys around the block. An IIT-D alumnus, Abhimanyu is an automobile junkie with an enviable garage to boot (Porsche Cayman, BMW 3.18, Audi A6, Mini Cooper Countryman). Abhimanyu pitches in with core technology implementations and domain expertize at Motorpaneer.


Startup Chile, Santiago

Part of Generation 7.2

Motorpaneer was selected as one of the few startups from India for the amazing StartupChile program in Santiago, Chile as part of Round 7. A head-strong community of over 300 people and 100 startups from all over the globe. We had the opportunity to brain-storm with some amazing people from different parts of the world on matters of design, data, branding and algorithm design.

The Morpheus

Part of Batch 08

The Morpheus is one of the oldest and most prestigious early-stage accelerators in India and Motorpaneer was fortunate enough to be selected for Batch 8 of the four-month long program based in North India. Morpheus ‘gang’ of entrepreneurs is now a 160+ strong set of extremely helpful and ambitious entrepreneurs. The Morpheus is led by Sameer Guglani and Nandini Hiranniah.

Awesome Contributions

Anurag Sharma

Business Relations & Data

Business Relationships with Dealerships. Data curation. Automobile Engineer

Sam Phillip

UX Testing & Copy

Hard hitting copy-writing. User Experience testing and Tweaking.

Rodrigo Araya

Art and Design

Responsible for all our pretty artwork and typography. Typography ace, skateboarder.