How it Works
A simplified overview of our smart, unbiased, data-driven approach to car recommendations.
660+ Data Points
In-depth understanding of every car available to you.
Motorpaneer maintains an extensive database of specifications, features and other direct/indirect attributes for more than 700 car variants sold in India.
0: Bad. 100: Good
An un-biased data-driven approach to analysing cars.
Our algorithm ranks cars on 660+ attributes based on what is acceptable/popular in similar cars. This allows it to map strengths & weaknesses of every car.
Personalized for every buyer.
Collecting information about your purchase.
A 'clustering engine' identifies your unique needs and maps them mathematically to key data points that are used to evaluate cars that match your criteria.
Your best match!
Months of research reduced to a few minutes.
Enjoy the personalized short-list of suitable cars with relevant explanations, highlights and simplified jargon to help you make a confident decision.
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